Customized Car door illuminated sill light logo Projector lamp Power Moving LED Welcome Pedal Car Scuff Plate Pedal Symphony


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  • Item Type: Welcome Light
  • Origin: Mainland China

For customers who don't have a car to choose from?

You can choose (other models) order, order message: model

We have 98 percent of the world's cars in our garages. Due to the limitation of uploading pictures, finished pictures can be sent to you for viewing by contacting us.

Custom Logo(graphics) Steps:

Customization: supports graphic /LOGO/ text customization/line customization

1. Choose :[customize] order, order message needs to customize the content information/or by contacting us, send your logo(text or simple picture) to us

2. We will arrange the design drawing after receiving the order

3. Make the design drawing and we will send it to you for confirmation.

4. Production will be arranged after verification

5. I will send the finished product effect drawing to you again before delivery

6. Deliver the product.

Product advantages:

Direct installation without wiring.

USB charging, each full charge/can use for 3 months

Installation method: Pedal design double-sided Velcro, paste firm, easy to take off charging.

An induction device is attached to the bottom of the door to sense the induction area of the light strip

This button can change the color you like


Front pedal :4.5 cm X 54.5 cm

Rear pedal :4.5cm X 25cm

These buttons can change the color at will. (Press/to change one color at a time)

RGB Multi-color footlight, 7 colors (white, red, blue, green, yellow, purple, ice blue)

Three modes: Streamer mode, Breath Light mode, and Magic Color mode

Note: The packaging consumes power during transportation, please use it before charging.

Advantages :IP67 waterproof. This product is charged by USB.

Car pedal light provides 100%

Satisfaction guarantee :30 days trouble-free

Refund, 12 months warranty. Our goal is to give you 100% satisfaction with your purchase.

Packing list:

2 front doors /2 back doors /4 front and rear doors

Note: Footlights have protective film. If there are scratches, remove the protective film.


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